Aidy Ward, Founder and CEO

Aidy founded Colossal Sports Management in 2014 and has represented some of the best talent in world football over the last decade. Aidy has a proven reputation in delivering for his clients both on and off the pitch.

Judith McMinn, Chief Operating Officer

Judith has a background focused on improving commercial, operational and brand performance. Prior to joining Colossal Sports Management, she spent four years working with former Prime Minister Tony Blair in growing his commercial advisory business.

In addition, they are joined by a talented team of connected, committed and specialist professionals across the areas of talent, commercial, brand, development and advisory.


I have been with Colossal since the very beginning and cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me and my family.  They look after everything so I can focus purely on my game.

Raheem Sterling

I have a great partnership with the guys at Colossal. They know me, they understand me and I trust them.  There can be a lot of distractions in football but their support and advice means I can focus on what happens on the pitch.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Colossal have been with me for my entire career. Their personal and focussed approach ensures that we are all working towards the same long term goals. 

Reece Oxford

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